Lifan – 520

Lifan – 520

Since its global launch on January 19, 2006, LiFan520 has been commonly accepted in dynamic performance, security, and operation control. In order toy improve its competitiveness in the market, the appearance and inner decorations of the New 520 have been fully promoted.
The whole modeling and line of new 520 interior decoration absorb current popular car designing element and present fashionable and exquisite style. Its materials have passed Asia 3C environmental certification. Match colors are brown and bright yellow, creating comfortable and tranquil riding space and matching modern aesthetic view. Therefore, the quality and wholistic competitive ability of the product is comprehensively improved .

Security & Safety of Lifan 520

Security protects the family member of yours, drive freely and enjoy the happiness of LIFAN520 without a least of concerned worry. All these are contributed from an all-round mechanical design and protection.
LIFAN520 is matched with reverse radar, security airbag, ABS+EBD, front-row three point belt, anti side bump protection, child protection lock, door unclosed warning, unlocked safety belt warning to protect your family, Reinforced guards, pre-broken line of engine cover design, 0.8mm-1.2mm armor plate, Security and happiness are everywhere in LIFAN520
Buffer zone: during frontal crash, impact force can be decreased by reasonably deformed buffer zone before entering passenger compartment.
Enhanced A、B、C column: improving the strength of roof and side of the complete vehicle, protecting the passengers in the car to the maximum in case of accidental crash. Enhanced side impact steel beams installed inside the four doors can prevent side impact and strengthen the ability of impact prevention, greatly improving the safety factor.

Stable Driving of Lifan 520

1. 5 speed manual Transmission
Manually pick through the rod to control the various gears in the transmission to mesh and get different transmission ratio, so that to transmit. When a car with manual transmission speed up, it will be faster and save more fuel, which is credible, easy to fix and low in fare.2. Chassis Technology From France
3. Suspension System
Front Suspension:

Mainly composed with the helical spring and shock absorber. Shock absorber can avoid horizontal excursion of helical spring, only allows vertical vibrating, and it can set soft-hard and property by stroke length and elasticity of shock absorber. McPherson suspension with stabilizer of LF520i can improve the brake stability and Sound-insulation, which enhances comfortableness greatly.
Rear suspension:

The rear suspension is single trailing arm-torsion bar type. with both toughness and high-quality of the intensity structure, enhance the accuracy when steer. Even the road condition was in the worst, the driver can manipulate it well, feeling the fun and confidence while driving. The suspension was used by a number of suspension structure in Citroen models. It is the real independent suspension system
4. Hydraulic Power Steering

Hydraulic Power Steering System, with hydraulic force to overcome resistance caused by the friction between tire and ground when steer, so that to make the operation of the steering wheel more easily and improve mobility. Hydraulic Power Steering can release the load of the driver while driving and make the steer easily and accurately. It’s especially important when slow driving, parking and U-turning in the urban. For the female driver, it’s an indispensable configuration.
5. Three-spoke steering wheel

Covering little space around the wheel, the dynamic design of three-spoke steering wheel leaves abundant space and enable the driver a more comfortable operation. Three-spoke design is also the standard configuration for racing car and sports car and it brings better manipulation, security function as well as external expression.

Strong Power of Lifan 520

LF520 1.6L is equipped with LF489Q3(1600CC) engine, original importing TRITEC engine while LF520 1.3L is equipped with LF479Q1 (1600CC) engine.
The power of TRITEC 1.6L can reach up to 85KW(approximate 116h), was awarded Top10 engines in 2002. The oil wear of LF520 can reach up to 4.3L at speed of 60km/h while 5.64L at speed of 90km/h.

Appearance of Lifan 520

Front headlamp adopts the most fashionable style, with high lightness and perfect dimension, which is more fashionable in style and trim.
Tail light adopts design of red and white which boosts up sense of structure. Brake light is made of LED around with chromeplate rim. The characteristic of this design is high penetration which is four times than the common bulb, recognized easily when lighting in night and helps accident avoided.
Characteristics: optional tire equipped, economic steel tire with the characteristic of easy maintenance and safe using, while the sport aluminum alloy wheel rim with the characteristic of beauty and generous, which brings the sense of power for the vehicle.
Rubbing strip is equipped on body shows beauty and generous.
The coefficient of drag is 0.3 which makes LF520 a good performance of fuel consumption, taking LF7160L1 5.2L/100KM, LF 7130A 5.3L/100KM as example. As the hatchback is generating the advantages of sedan car, it will demonstrate excellent performance on fuel consumption.

Humanized Technique of Lifan 520

Capacious and Comfortable Space
LF520 offers the most capacious space. And the rear seats have been moved backwards about 6 cm greatly enhancing the comfortableness.
LF520 outfit 4-doors automatic windows and central control door lock ,that can provide comfortable and convenient operate.
The unique design of the LF520 air-condictioning system ensures the larger quantity of outting-wind and the stronger Refrigeration,especially in the hot climate,either driver or passenger will experience the spring feeling.
The outfitted DVD(6 disk) AV playing system can play a variety of AV files,so you can enjoy multiple fun. The afterbody outfits wide-angle camera,it can transmit the rear images to the LCD of the central control platform when you reverse the car,that stop happenning the unexpected scratch.In order to guarantee the safety of drivers during night, the anti-dizzy rearview mirror is equipped to avoid violent light from behind.Remote Central control door lock.

Specifications :