LIFAN – X60



1. Vehicle Head with Anti-Collision Design:
The large-size energy-absorbing front bumper and front anti-collision steel beam, in conjunction with the zones that collapse and corrugate to absorb energy, maximizes the safety for people in the vehicle in case of collision.
2. Broad External Rear-View Mirrors with Super-Wide-View Turn Signal Lamps:
X60’s external rear-view mirrors have fairly broad surfaces to enhance driving safety.
The external rear-view mirror is integrated with a turn signal lamp that is decorated with a silvery bright strip. The configuration is fashionable, and enhances safety in cases of lane change or taking a turn in urban areas.
Option of defrosting function is available for the rear-view mirrors.
3. Four-Channel/Four-Sensor ABS and EBD:
Lifan X60 adopts advanced four-channel/four-sensor ABS and EBD. The design can effectively eliminate the slip and swing caused by imbalanced braking force.
4. High-Strength Unitary Safe Vehicle Body:
Lifan X60 adopts the unitary vehicle body that is mainly made of high-strength low-alloy steel plates.
In the front and back of vehicle body, there are stiffened steel plates as well as the zones that collapse to absorb energy in case of collision.
The four doors are equipped with internal anti-collision steel beams, ensuring the greatest safety for the driver and passengers in cases of collision.
5. Five-Spoke Aluminum Hubs and High-Performance Wide Tires:
Lifan X60 adopts the Comfortable 520 series wide tires which Giti Tire Corporation especially manufactures for SUVs. The tires ensure wonderful drivability under normal conditions, and also ensure adequate grip and stable braking on wet slippery roads.
6. Double Super-Wide-View LED Combination Tail Lamps:
The super-wide-view double LED combination tail lamps are noble in appearance and can emit bright light to greatly enhance the safety in the back.

Stable Driving

1. MacPherson Independent Suspension
As an urban recreational SUV, Lifan X60 adopts MacPherson independent suspension as its front suspension, and the spatial 3-link independent suspension as its rear suspension. In terms of the comfort of driving and riding, Lifan X60 surpasses other competitors, because it can be more accurately controlled. As compared to other competitors, Lifan X60 is more stable when it takes a turn.
2. Five-Speed Manual Transmission
Lifan X60’s five-speed manual transmission adopts the similar technology to those found in BMW cars. The synchronizer has three conical surfaces that boost synchronizing torque and shorten synchronizing time, so the gear shifting is made easier. This transmission perfectly matches the 1.8L CVVT engine, thus the combination can effectively deliver power and save fuel.
3. Transverse Stabilizer Bar
Lifan X60 adopts a transverse stabilizer bar that is not found in competitor vehicles. Many vehicle owners would like to install the bar as it can greatly improve the dynamic stiffness of vehicle body, ensuring the stability in cases of lane change or taking a turn.
4. Comfortable 520 Series Wide tyres
Lifan X60 adopts the Comfortable 520 series wide tires which Giti Tire Corporation especially manufactures for SUVs. The tires ensure wonderful drivability under normal conditions, and also ensure adequate grip and stable braking on wet slippery roads.

Strong Power of Lifan X60

1. Highly Powerful Engine:
Lifan X60 adopts the VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with intelligence) technology in its engine.
The most advanced engine management system of intelligent Delphi MT22.1 electronic fuel injection system is installed.
Compared with a common engine, X60 increases high-speed power by 8% and fuel efficiency by 5%.
2. High Energy Efficiency:

Lifan X60 adopts the electronic throttle valve technology (the technology is used in high and medium-class cars to precisely control fuel flow and can increase fuel economy by up to 3%).
Lifan X60 has an integrated, all-aluminum cylinder block and a pen-like ignition coil. The electronic fuel-injection system ensures complete, more stable combustion and lower emissions.
The lighter engine delivers better heat dissipating performance, which greatly reduces engine failure rate and makes daily maintenance convenient.
3. Perfect silencing capability:

The model of engine is made of hi-tech materials with a low specific gravity and uses no nuts or bolts. The construction makes the engine lighter and more durable, and effectively reduces rotation imbalance as well as noise and shock.

Appearance of Lifan X60

1. Gracious, Fashionable, and Robust Front Face
The front face looks gracious, fashionable, and robust. X60 is as fashionable as a recreational vehicle, and as robust as an off-road SUV.
2.Super-Wide-View Hawk-Eye Headlamps

The hawk-eye headlamps with a chrome-plated eyebrow are fashionable and offer a super wide view.
The projector-type lower-beam headlamps demonstrate greater light-gathering ability and light penetration ability.
The headlamps in conjunction with beam height adjustment ensure greater safety of night driving.
3. Integrated, X-Shape, Double-Color Front Bumper

The X-Shape front bumper is innovatively integrated with the vehicle body. The front face of vehicle is both fashionable and dynamic. In addition, the double-color bumper evokes strong association for high speed, indicating that the vehicle has off-road ability.
4.Wafer-Shape Front Fog Lamps with Great Light Penetration Ability, and Separable Front Turn Signal Lamps

The wide separable turn signal lamps are inlaid in the black beehives of the bumper, making artistically beautiful the style and hierarchy of front face, and also making the turning signal more prominent.5. Engine Hood with Double Streamlines
The double streamlines on the engine hood makes the front face of vehicle look more robust and powerful.
6. Fashionable Robust Sides

The strong and durable sides of X60 are the combination of fashion, nobleness and dynamism.
7. Wide, Fashionable and Dynamic Tail

Lifan X60 has a plump tail. The double-color rear bumper, which is integrated with vehicle body, nicely contrasts with the front bumper.
The wide chrome-plated license plate lamp hood, along with the double LED combination tail lamps, triggers association for emotion and makes the vehicle highly fashionable.

Humanized Technique

1. Around-Compartment Double-Color Interior Trimmings:
Lifan X60 around-compartment interior trimmings are both cozy and elegant with double colors.
The interior trimmings follow international trend while meet Chinese aesthetic standard, making it comfortable and fresh to drive and ride.
The vehicle interior, which is embellished with silvery bright panels at many a place, looks cozy and dynamic.
2. Spacious Driving and Riding Room:

The vehicle body design adopts the MM concept, namely, “maximum driving and riding space, minimize mechanical space”, to provide sufficient above-head and leg rooms for the driver and passengers, thus making the driving and riding more comfortable.
The outer appearance looks compact while the interior is spacious. In particular, the above-head and leg rooms of rear-row seat are fairly spacious and comfortable.
3. Double-Layer Wave-Shape Instrument Panel:

Lifan X60 adopts a double-layer wave-shaped console; this design is full of dynamism and very trendy.
The audio control panel and the air-conditioning control panel are arranged at different layers which are easily seen.
The air-conditioning system adopts large-size rotary buttons, which is conducive to easy operation and safe driving.
4. Three-Spoke Steering Wheel for Sports Utility Car:

Lifan X60 adopts the three-spoke steering wheel that is widely used for sports utility car.
The silvery bright panel offers nobleness to the steering panel. The steering wheel is adjustable in height so that the driver can choose a driving posture suitable for his stature and habit.
The steering wheel is encased with top-grade leather and has superior texture.
5. Three-Dimensional Cluster-Type Instrument Panel:

The three-dimensional cluster-type instrument panel is notable for being both simple and fashionable. Driving information is displayed in a very limited area so that the diver can see it very easily.
The indication brightness is adjustable, meeting the latest design standard for safe driving.
The blue background light is pleasant and soft so that the driving information can be seen easily, leading to greater driving safety.
6. Highly Flexible Leather Seatst:
The highly flexible seats meet the latest ergonomics requirements, and the driver and passengers can maintain the most comfortable postures.
Luxury options such as waist support adjustment, seat height adjustment, and seat heating are available.
7. Passenger-Oriented Rear-Row Seats:
The rear-row seats have three independent headrests and the backrests are adjustable. The wide handrails between seats are provided with double cup holders, adding to the riding comfort.
The passengers at rear row can adjust the sitting posture at will and can choose to sit or lie comfortably.
8. Spacious and Variable Trunk:

The trunk with a large opening, a low edge and a flat bottom makes it easier for the vehicle owner to place and pick up luggage.
The backrest of a rear-row seat is 4/6 separable and foldable. If necessary, the backrest can be partly or fully tilted forward to accommodate more passengers or goods.
For purpose of privacy protection, the trunk is equipped with a curtain, which prevents the luggage from being seen outside.
9.Multiple-Function, High-Fidelity Audio System:
Lifan X60 adopts the internationally prevalent 2-DIN high-fidelity audio system with a large display screen and large buttons that are readily identified and operated during driving. The six loudspeakers ensure wonderful stereophonic sound. The vehicle owner can at any time, at any place enjoy wonderful music.
Luxury options include DVD and GPS. The MP3/MP4 interface is also provided to maximize the vehicle owner’s freedom for music DIY.
10. Electrically-Operated, Highly Energy Efficient Air-Conditioning System:
The air-conditioning system adopts a layered evaporator which is the most advanced and popular in the world. In addition to high heat exchange efficiency, the system has the advantage of saving engine power and reducing energy consumption.
The air-conditioning system adopts large-size rotary button, so it is easy to control.


Dimension L×W×H (mm): 4325×1790×1690
Gross weight (kg): 1705
Curb Weight (kg): 1330
Max. Climbing ability (%): ≥30°
Min. Turning radius (m): 5.4
Max. Speed (km/h): ≤170
0-100km acceleration(s)
Integrated Fuel consumption for 100km 8.2
Approach angle / Descent angle(°): 25.1/23
Min. Ground clearance(mm) 179
Front / Rear overhang (mm): 830/895
Wheel base (mm): 2600
Tread (Front / Rear) (mm): 1515/1502
Engine model: LFB479Q
Engine type: In line, 4 cylinders, 16 valves, MPI
Displacement (L): 1.794
Max. Power [ kw/(r/min) ]: 98/6000
Max. Torque [ N.m/(r/min) ]: 168/4200
Compression Ratio 10
Transmission: 5-speed manual
Steering: Rack and pinion, Hydraulic-assisted
Front suspension: McPherson type
Rear suspension Space of three-link drag arm type independent suspension
Brake system (Front/Rear): Disk / Disk
Trunk capacity (L) 405
Oil tank capacity (L) 55
Quantity of door /seat Four doors /five seats
Configuration  (LX) (EX)
Engine type LFB479Q LFB479Q
Transmission type 5MT 5MT
Remote control anti-theft system
Engine anti-theft system
Power rear mirror with same body color
Power rear mirror with same body color with defroster
Chrome plated outer handle
 Halogen headlamp
Front headlamp height adjustable
Front fog lamp
Rear fog lamp
Front wiper with clerance adjustable
Rear wiper
Rear defroster function
Exterior antenna
Reversing radar
Reversing visual system
Internal open oil filler cover
Internal open trunk cover
Trunk cover key opening
Steel wheel rim
Steel rim ornament
Aluminum wheel rim
Luggage rack
Inner power window
Manual driver seat adjusting ( 4 directions)
Driver seat heating
Driver seat height adjustment
Driver seat waist adjustment (1 section)
Manual  adjusting driver assistant seat (4 directions)
Front seat headrest with height-adjustable function
Rear seat headrest with height-adjustable function
Front seat back with map bag
Leather seat
Leather seat
Foldable rear seat
Rear middle handrail
Pile roof
Leather medium decoration,balustrade panel
Softening steering wheel
Leather steering wheel
Pile carpet
Power window lifter
Sun visor with cosmetic mirror
Anti-dazzling inner rear mirror
Light adjustable electronic dashboard
Cigar lighter
Exterior power interface
Front three-point seatbelt
Front three-point pretensioning limit seatbelt
Rear side three-point seatbelt
Rear middle two-point seatbelt
Rear middle three-point seatbelt
Rear child lock
Hight mount brake lamp
Hydraulic power steering
Remote central control lock
Electrically powered air-conditioner
Automatic air-conditioning
Single disc with radio function+MP3 data interface
DVD with radio function+MP4 data interface
GPS Navigation
Speaker system 6 6
Driver’s airbag
Auxiliary driver airbag
Fastening security handle
Manual engine hood ornament jackstay
Pneumatic hood ornament jackstay
Engine lower protecting steel
Engine hood ornament