hongxing Grand Tiger™ is designed according to latest trend of development, and in step with TUNDRA™, NISSAN FRONTIER™, which are TOYOTA’s car models currently selling well in North America. Also, Zhongxing Grand Tiger™, TUNDRA™, and NISSAN FRONTIER™ all belong to the fifth generation of pickup models. Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ embodies newest technologies and design theories. Thereby, keeping in step with the newest car models developed in the international market.

Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ relies on purchasing first grade global auto components, equipped with the most technically advanced high-tech auto components. We select and use components made by world famous brands such as TOYOTA and NISSAN, the quality of the entire vehicle is in step with world trends.


Bold, Strong and powerful profile.
Modern body style.

Safety Features

Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ adopts American Delphi DBC7.4 16-digit integrate ABS.
Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ makes ABS+EBD standard equipment, to ensure superior braking.
The seats consist of a high strength framework, and adopt “T-shaped” slide rails instead of “C-shaped” slide rails which were utilized by other manufacturers. The seat design help ensure the occupants’ safety in case of an accident.
The Zhongxing Grand Tiger™’s design utilizes foreign chassis and mould manufacturing techniques as well as using CAE/CAD computer systems . This not only makes the vehicles adhere to safety standards, but also optimizes the quality of the entire vehicle.
The chassis frame moulds we utilize are state of the art design and manufacture, ensuring the maximum of safety and energy absorption in case of an accident.
We have incorporated within all of our doors, reinforced side door structural members. These help make our doors stronger, more impact resistant and thereby providing more safety to the passengers inside the vehicle.
Three points seat belts on rear seats, helping to provide more security for the passengers.
Ladder shaped, high rigidity chassis frame.


Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ is equipped with 4G64 engine, adopts Delphi electric control system, and has passed the calibration tests in the USA. Engine power can reach 94kw.
Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ is equipped with original Nissan™ QD32 diesel engine. The engine power can reach 80.9kw. It has passed Europe Ⅱ emission standard and its’ quality and technology is in step with most world famous pickups.

Strong Chassis

Zhongxing Grand Tiger™—front suspension is independent double horizontal arm coil spring suspension with a horizontal anti sway bar., its function on reducing shakes is perfect.
Back suspension is leaf spring with gas filled shock absorbers.
Excellent steering ability: Approach angle, and angle of departure are 32°, and 17° respectively.

Intelligent 4WD System:

Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ 4 WD offers a fully electronically controlled 4WD system, offering you 4H, 4L and 2H.

Comfort Functions

A Steering Damper (stabilizer) reduces the shake from steering system, front wheels, and poor road surfaces, to improve driving comfort and safety.
Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ utilizes an environmentally friendly air conditioning system manufactured by Sanden (Japan).
Spacious, comfortable rear seating. Rear seats can be turned forward to make a larger space for cargo.
Sound insulation and noise reduction: Driver’s and passenger’s columns are stuffed with sound insulation materials, as well as the roof, door panels and interior decoration panels on both sides. Floors and floor mats contain sound proofing materials also.
Zhongxing Grand Tiger™ is equipped with Siemens VDO audio system with ESP electric anti-shock properties, so bumpy roads won’t interrupt the drivers’ enjoyment of music.

Intelligent design

Remote control functions: when locking with remote control, if windows are still open, the open windows will close automatically.
Electric anti-theft: Sets alarm automatically, when the vehicle is in the anti-theft state, it inspects whether the doors or engine hood have ever been opened, if they have been opened, it will initiate alarm.
Remote control light: after you unlock the lock with remote control, press “UNLOCK” key again in three seconds, the top interior light will be turned on. This can help driver find their vehicle easier.

Large cargo box

Larger volume, dimensions of inner cargo box are (length * width* height) 1400mm*1505mm*480mm

GRAND TIGER Specifications :

Length X Width X Height(mm) 5080(5575)X 1750X 1775
Length X Width X Height(Cargo inner ) (mm) 1400(1895)X1505X480
Wheel base(mm) 2900
Net weight/Gross weight 1610
Load Mass(kg)/Passenger 500/5
Oil tank capacity 65L
Min ground clearance(mm) 198
Min turning radius(m) 6.4
Transmission Manual, 5-speed, Mechanic