Professional – just like you

VOLVO wanted to build a versatile and cost-efficient tool for competitiveness in a tough business. Because when there are many stops in the course of your daily shift, you need a truck to rely on that will last the test of both time and traffic. And there has never been a truck with a more productive personality. The Volvo FE is perfectly suited for regional transportation, refuse handling, light construction duties and refrigerated haulage.

  • 18-19, 22-26 and 26 tonnes
  • Wheelbase from 3200 to 6800 mm
  • Rigid or tractor
  • Chassis length 5637 to 11557 mm
  • Gross combination weight: 26-44 tonnes to 32-44 tonnes
  • D7 engines: 300 or 340 hp, EEV 300 hp, 7.2-litre engine
  • Economy
  • Safety
  • Cab variants